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How To Identify Herpes In Men

Among the many infections that we encounter, we usually deal with ones that are easily extinguished and if we can help it and are easier to prevent once we know they are gone. However, out of all of these infections are also sexually transmitted diseases (STD), like the herpes virus. This is where many start to get concerned.

The bad reputation that herpes has is due to the fact that it is contagious and by the time you know that you have it, it’s already too late. The virus impacts both men and women, here we see some of the symptoms of herpes for men.

Herpes Symptoms in Men

Symptoms of Herpes in Men

Two Kinds Of Herpes Virus

Recent reports indicate that the herpes 2 virus impacts 12% of men. This is a strain of genital herpes that is transferred during intercourse of someone who is already infected with the virus.  The symptoms for the herpes 2 virus are much more obvious to the sufferer than to anyone else. The symptoms are:

ñ  Fever – This is where the sufferer has flu like symptoms of chills and headaches. This is because the virus is beginning to attach itself to the nerve endings from where it can develop.

ñ  Burning and ItchingThis sensation is felt in the genitals, thighs and around the buttocks.

ñ  Muscle aches and pains – Body aches are also felt in more severe cases

ñ  Outbreak – Within twenty days of infection, there will be an outbreak of blisters and sores around the genitals.

Another strain of the virus is referred to as the herpes simplex, which affects the mouth, gums and lips which is called the herpes simplex virus. There are no symptoms of herpes for men, but the infection is similar in a way where other than being pro-active and using protection during sex, you will not know that you have it until you blisters have begun to form.

Specific Details About The Condition

A view of the picture of herpes on men, shows the virus at different states of severity. The condition can be small blisters to the more severe open sores that have to be maintained. To let it get this out of hand is not recommended at all. A picture of herpes on men of this magnitude will show the infection and the production of pus from large lesions.

How To Treat It

Because of the difficulty that there is to identify the problem before you have it, there is no other solution to prevention other than wearing protection or not making contact with someone who has either strain type. Once the virus is in, you have it for life. In all cases, it will remain dormant until something triggers it again, such as sickness from lowering your immunity. For those that do have it there is herpes treatment for men that will reduce the sores and reduce the burning and itching sensation.

Even though it seems that the reports of either herpes strain have been reduced, A herpes treatment for men isn’t necessarily gender specific as it impacts both genders with the same level of severity.

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