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The Truth About A Herpes Diet

For a virus that is determined to infect the human population and flare up whenever an opportunity reveals itself, the frustration is enough for us to desperately try to find a way to rid ourselves of it. We are all very vulnerable to contagion, especially if the impact is long term.

There is the discussion that we can fight the virus off using diet or that the condition results from a dietary problem. Here we can clarify what a herpes diet plan can look like.

Herpes Diet

Lean towards fruits and vegetables, that might encourage the clearing of skin.

How Diet Is Related

A diet for herpes makes sense because it has a lot to do with our immunity. For many people that have vitamin deficiencies there are opened vulnerabilities in the immune system where the virus can grow. This also depends on a strain of the virus because in cases where you have chicken pox or shingles, there are no diets that hold this ‘at bay’.

Automatically, the lowered immune system will allow these to form no matter what the diet plan will be. Foods that might strengthen the immune system where someone has celia, has more of a relationship with diet because of the disease’s relation to glucose levels. At the same time that they are suffering from conditions as a result, combined with an infection of the herpes virus, this can trigger the virus at any point.

 Diet Transferred

Unfortunately the research on the virus strain shows that it is more common among humans than we may have thought and shows up as early as birth. Meaning that a strain of it is transferred through breast milk. A few strains of the virus 6 and 7, are known to cause or be related to roseola, causing skin rashes and fever.

Although the relationship is very broad, any person who has the virus and brings it in contact with food poses a higher risk, but this is very rare as hand washing is enough to keep the contamination from spreading.

Diet Facts About Herpes

There has been research that has taken this seriously and pointed out some profound findings about a diet for herpes. The suggestions are always going to lean towards fruits and vegetables, that might encourage the clearing of skin. Stay away from processed foods and junk food. Such as

ñ  Processed Sugars

ñ  Artificial Sweeteners

ñ  Alcohol/Drugs

ñ  Shakes With Amino Acids

ñ  Caffeine

ñ  White Bread

The resulting facts about herpes are that Arginine (a  component in many of the mentioned foods), are the cause of the outbreak. You can either reduce your intake Arginine or balance it out with Lysine, which is more present in the vegetables, wheats, and fruits. If the body has too much Arginine, than it will spike the outbreaks and continue to cause problems with flareups. Lysine will continue to fight off the virus and keep it dormant.

Even with a virus that has proven very difficult to get rid of, we still have plenty of ways to make sure it doesn’t show up and as long as we’re living a healthier life, we can just as well live without it as we’ve learned to live with it.

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