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Natural Treatment for Herpes

Battling a herpes infection? Tired of constantly going to the doctor to deal with the issue? It is no surprise doctors haven’t been able to find a cure for the condition—they want to keep you coming back to the office for continued treatment! Read this article to find out more about how you can treat your herpes safe and naturally.

Herpes is a viral infection, and it can affect the mouth and genital areas. In the United States alone, 50 to 80% of adults carry oral herpes, and 20% (more than 50 million people) carry genital herpes. Oral herpes manifests itself as cold sores and fever blisters, while genital herpes forms bumps and sores below the belt… affecting both men and women.

Just because you carry the virus doesn’t mean it will ever manifest, but if it does, it weakens the immune system and needs to be handled. Hence why millions of people flock to the doctor to address the issue.

Treatment For Herpes

The Problem with Medical Treatments for Herpes

Because there is no herpes treatment, oral or genital, your doctor will put you through a battery of tests to confirm the diagnosis, especially if no sores are present at the time of your visit. This is costly, and ends up telling you something you already know. The prescription treatments will either help with an outbreak, or will be taken daily to help prevent an outbreak.

 What Doctors Won’t Tell You About the Ultimate Herpes Cure

They won’t tell you about the natural treatments that can help prevent an outbreak, or shorten an outbreak occurrence. They are in the business of making money, regardless of what it means to you as a patient.

 The Good News

Natural Cure For Herpes

Herbal remedies are available to help prevent and treat an outbreak. These are not only more cost effective than prescription medications, but they are often times just as effective, if not more so than the meds from the doctor. Minor lifestyle adjustments, such as staying away from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and closely monitoring your stress levels can also reduce the likelihood of an outbreak. If you’re feeling stressed, use meditation and yoga to keep yourself calm to prevent manifestation. If you know you carry the virus, but haven’t had an outbreak, you can also use herbs to prevent the outbreak.

 The Bad News

Doctors have known about these herbal treatments. Doctors aren’t striving to find a cure for this condition because the constant nature means people will come in for medicine, which they are paid to prescribe.

 The Truth About Herpes Treatment Options

The fact is, you’ll leave the doctor’s office with a prescription for anti-viral medications to help keep the virus from manifesting. This is one of the prescriptions you will be on the rest of your life—if you are on a maintenance medicine. Otherwise, you will have to run to the doctor each time you have an outbreak to get a prescription. These medications are full of side effects, and won’t cure the condition.